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Programming and IT Instructors in Top in town Technology Kabul

By Akbar Feb 16, 2024
Programming and IT Instructors in Top in town Technology Kabul

Top in Town Technology is Afghanistan’s leading and most dependable institution, founded in 2012 and offering the most standard technical services as well as worldwide instructed courses and studies.

By attending our academy, students may acquire lessons that are taught all around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other industrialized countries. As a result, our students can obtain globally recognized certifications by passing the online assessments.

We stimulate curiosity, spark invention, promote self-sufficiency, and create worldwide chances for development and better lives.

Job Details

We need Programming (Software Engineering) and IT instructors to teach one of the following worldwide classes:

1. ICDL (International Computer Driving License)
2. CompTIA (A+, N+, Security+, and Server+)
3. Cisco Courses
4) Web Development
5) Database Development
6) Python Programming Language
7) C++ Programming Language
8) Java Programming Language
9) Graphic Design
10) Microsoft Courses
11- Cybersecurity Courses
12- MikroTik Courses.
13- CCTV

Job Requirements

1- Bachelor’s degree relevant to the field.
2. At least three years of teaching experience.
3- Knowledge of the English and Dari languages. Knowledge of Pashto is beneficial.
4- Effective communication skills
5- Effective classroom management abilities
6- Able to use technology in the classroom and educate in a professional and international manner.
7- Highly driven and eager to progress and acquire new abilities.
8- Honest and flexible
9- Able to work under pressure.
10- Strong moral behavior.
11- Capable of implementing and teaching the approved outline of the course.

What are the Responsibility for this job ?

1- Educating pupils professionally
2- Creating and Implementing Lesson Plans
3- Developing students’ abilities and knowledge, and preparing them for the working world.
4- Implementing and documenting attendance sheets.
5- Giving pupils homework and projects, and motivating them to finish them before the deadline.
6- Organizing periodical exams to better evaluate pupils’ growth.
7- Attend all official meetings.
8) Attending all lectures.
9- Helping assistant instructors develop and become teachers at the academy.
10- Attending assistant teacher lectures and seminars.
11- Respecting and respecting the academy’s laws and regulations.

How to Apply for the Job – Guideline

  • If you fulfill our standards, please email your resume by the deadline.
  • Please include the class you would want to teach in the subject line of your email. Otherwise, your application might not be approved.
  • You may also come to our institution and submit your CV in person.
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By Akbar

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