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Grant Coordinator/Proposal Writer Position Equal Rights Trust Organization (ERTO) in Kabul موسسه باور به حقوق مساوی – Acbarjob

By Akbar Mar 25, 2024
Grant Coordinator/Proposal Writer Position Equal Rights Trust Organization (ERTO)

As a non-governmental, humanitarian organization registered with the Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan under registration number 4957, ERTO supports and promotes equality to sustainable development in Afghanistan and other worthy nations by empowering local communities to choose and oversee their own development initiatives. The company employs over 200 professionals, all of whom have at least a bachelor’s degree and four years of relevant work experience. Principal themes include:

  1. Emergency response in the event of an emergency (food, water, sanitation, hygiene, shelter, and protection).
  2. Management of Natural Resources; Development of Small Scale Enterprises Exclusive to Women.
  3. Facilities for agricultural irrigation systems that support their growth.
  4. social services via workshops, both large and small.
  5. Social services to improve the growth of cities.
  6.  Skilled personnel providing technical assistance to Afghan municipalities (including property technical surveys and data gathering) in order to increase income for the municipalities and better manage urban development by using the data acquired for various purposes.

Job Details

Determines idea, compiles and formats data, creates drafts, and gets approvals to prepare bids. The proposal writer creates concise, understandable texts that recommend a plan of action or concept for a variety of sectors. It is required of the proposal writer to write with good language, spelling, and context. His or her strongest suit would be the capacity to write under pressure, maintain organization and preparedness, and convey a lot of information in a short amount of words.


  1. greatest relationships with new donors and donors seeking.
  2. Good donor relations abilities are necessary to get proposal acceptance and donor pleasure.
  3. identifies and clarifies opportunities and needs, examines requests for proposals (RFPs), and participates in strategy discussions to determine the idea of the proposal.
  4. Establishes priorities and deadlines for information collection, writing, review, and approval; tracks and enters data; works with contributors to coordinate needs; provides proposal status information for review meetings; and sends proposals in order to meet the proposal deadline.
  5. assembles proposal data by locating information sources, organizing submissions and collections, and recognizing and expressing proposal risks.
  6. Creates a proposal by gathering data on the project’s goals, deliverables, methods of implementation, staffing, budget, standards of performance, and evaluation; composes, edits, and revises drafts that include executive summaries, conclusions, and organization credentials.
  7. evaluates the content, visuals, and binding of the presentation before organizing printing.
  8. Uses templates, adheres to proposal writing guidelines for readability, consistency, and tone, and keeps proposal support databases up to date in order to maintain high-quality outcomes.
  9. Gets authorization by going over the plan with project managers and important suppliers.
  10. enhances proposal-writing outcomes via process, strategy, boilerplate, coordination, and redesign; improvements are put into place.
  11. Participates in educational programs and maintains personal networks to stay current with job knowledge.
  12. Reachs organizational objectives by taking responsibility for fulfilling novel and unique demands and by looking for ways to enhance work performance.

Job Requirements

  1. shown expertise writing proposals or in a related capacity;
  2. An MSc degree is a minimum requirement.
  3. knowledge of company operations, including marketing, finance, and human resources;
  4. shown ability in company growth and strategic strategy;
  5. knowledge of fundraising;
  6. practical understanding of performance/operation indicators and data analysis;
  7. practical understanding of office automation, business infrastructure, and IT;
  8. Proficiency in Written Expression, Technical Documentation, Graphic Design, Presentation, Problem-Solving, and Deadline-Orientation Enhancement of Processes, Arrangement, Planning Strategically, Market Awareness
  9. outstanding abilities in research;
  10. exceptional capacity for organizing;
  11. ability to make decisions and solve problems;
  12. Personal attributes such as honesty, reliability, and dedication to ERTO’s purpose
  13. adaptable and capable of multitasking;
  14. the capacity to function in a fast-paced, unclear situation while still striving for clarity and answers;
  15. shown resourcefulness in determining priorities and directing system and human resource investments;

What is the Job Position and Apply Date ?

Organization Equal Rights Trust Organization (ERTO) موسسه باور به حقوق مساوی
Job Position Coordinator/Proposal Writer
 Last Date for Apply Dec, 31, 2024
Number of Vacancies 4
 Job Type One year extendable
Years of Experience  8-12 Year
Salary Range As per company salary scale
Location Kabul, Afghanistan
Gender Female

What are the Responsibilities for this job?

Responsibilities for this job include assisting with financial tasks such as budgeting, invoicing, and financial reporting; supporting the finance team in day-to-day operations; and ensuring compliance with financial regulations and policies. Additionally, the Finance Assistants will be responsible for maintaining accurate financial records and assisting with audits when necessary.

How to Apply for the Job–Guideline

  • If you fulfill our standards, please email your resume at Before the deadline.
  • Please include the class you would want to teach in the subject line of your email. Otherwise, your application might not be approved.
  • You may also come to our institution and submit your CV in person.

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